Volunteers & Interns

The RI School for the Deaf encourages the participation of interns and volunteers in its programs as part of its mission to advance knowledge, awareness, inclusion and training. The School ensures that its interns and volunteers are appropriately supervised and provided with quality training and worthwhile experiences.

Student Interns

The School enjoys productive relationships with designated colleges and universities that provide pre-service training in fields related to the School’s mission. Information is provided to the educational institution’s liaison about RI School for the Deaf, the potential opportunities for interns and student teachers, and the requirements for their participation. Whenever possible, a written agreement outlining these expectations will be signed between the Institution and the School. To request an internship, please email the Director: nmaguireheath@rideaf.net

Requests from the Community to Volunteer

The School receives many requests from individuals in the community interested in serving as volunteers. Parents are always welcome to volunteer at school. Other classroom volunteer opportunities are limited to those who can use sign language to communicate. Other non-classroom opportunities are sometimes available and are not sign language dependent.

Anyone interested in volunteering must submit a request in writing (email is acceptable) and be available for the remainder of a school year. The request must provide the following details:

  • description of current ASL skill level
  • hours/ days available
  • age group or area of interest (i.e., older students, library, office, etc.)
  • description of prior experience with deaf individuals
  • To seek a volunteer opportunity, please contact Human Resources: hedwards@rideaf.net


    Upon initial application, all interns and volunteers (including parents) are required by RI regulation to undergo and submit a background check (BCI). These background checks are obtained by visiting the Attorney General’s Office.

    All out-of-state volunteers, or volunteer applicants who have not resided in Rhode Island for a period of one year, are required to obtain a more specific National Fingerprint BCI. The cost of the background check, if any, is the responsibility of the applicant. No one may begin an internship or volunteer until a BCI is on file.