Outreach to schools

Building everyone’s capacity to serve deaf and hard of hearing students, wherever they learn, in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts


The mission of the Outreach Services Program at the Rhode Island School for the Deaf is to provide specialized services to districts and schools to better support students who are deaf and hard of hearing in their educational setting, regardless of type or degree of hearing loss.

The Outreach Services Program

  • Collaborates with all public, private, agencies, and charter schools throughout Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts
  • Services all students regardless of degree and type of hearing loss through consultation with local schools
  • Provides a multidisciplinary team approach offering a full menu of professional services
  • Offers a variety of support services to meet the needs of learners

Our Services

The Outreach Services Program provides a variety of services tailored to the educational needs of the student as well as the professionals working with them.

Examples of services provided include:

    • Observation of students and identification of classroom and curricular modifications to better support students in the mainstream
    • Assistance in the proper use and care with hearing assistive technology, such as hearing aids, cochlear implants, and FM systems
    • Consultative audiology
    • Educational psychology: assessment and testing
    • Communication choices and language learning resources
    • Specialized speech-language pathology services
    • Introduction to American Sign Language
    • School counseling tailored to students with hearing loss
    • Professional development on hearing loss and stronger learning opportunities to school faculty and staff who work with children with differing hearing levels

Contact Us

Please contact Jaime Lyn Knight at 401-243-1011 to discuss our services and to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to working with you.