Transition services are intended to prepare students for the transition from school to adulthood. The IEP team works with the student and family, starting at a young age, to support the vision and dreams of the student and determine, along with the student, what type of transition services may be needed . These services take into account the student’s preferences, interests and strengths.

The staff at Rhode Island School for the Deaf are focused on helping our students envision and achieve their post-secondary goals.  The goal of transition services is to guide students towards meaningful, long-term outcomes and to prepare them for adult living after they leave school.

We offer a variety of programs and services for students, parents, and staff members to assist with transition planning, including:

  • Career Assessments and Counseling
  • Academic Advising/ Course Selection
  • Career Exploration and Education
  • College Information and Planning (ACT/SAT, College Tours, College Application Assistance, Financial Aid, Scholarships Information)
  • Parent/Guardian Training and Support Services
  • Community Resources and Referrals
  • Independence Academy: Program designed for 18-21 year old alternative assessment students that focuses on successful life skills and decision-making, adult health, leisure and community resources, and functional academics.
  • Transition Academy: One year program, before college or full-time employment but after all high school classes for a diploma have been completed, that focuses on financial literacy, issues of adult healthcare & advocacy, and literacy classes tailored specifically to prepare students for the world of work, along with a year long cooperative work training experience in the community every day.
  • Opportunities for Vocational-Technical Training
  • School/Work Partnerships providing summer job experiences