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RISD - A Center of Educational Innovation and Success

Mission Statement

The Rhode Island School for the Deaf is a critical, strategic and responsive educational center with a commitment to educational excellence for children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, an important low incidence population. The Rhode Island School for the Deaf’s mission is to ensure that all Rhode Island children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing become literate, independent, and productive citizens who set and achieve life goals. The Rhode Island School for the Deaf will accomplish this mission through:

  • Forging partnerships with families, school districts, and agencies;
  • Providing leadership, advocacy, and educational expertise that advances a continuum of educational options that honor individual children’s needs and are based upon a comprehensive, whole-child assessment;
  • Dedication to proven best educational practices in language and communication access and the utilization of American Sign Language and English;
  • Establishing and maintaining high expectations for all students through an accessible, engaging, standards-based curriculum that promotes social, vocational, and post-secondary success and utilizes state-of-the-art technology;
  • Respect for the diverse cultures and perspectives of families and students; and
  • Encouraging and supporting students’ choices and self-determination to ensure their post-secondary experiences.

Rhode Island School for the Deaf Functions

The Rhode Island School for the Deaf is a statewide resource center with a service delivery system that is guided by a series of principles. Effective services to students must:

(1)  Be mindful of diversity and respect the importance of student and family choice;

(2)  Be flexible and mobile;

(3)  Be supportive of families and school districts;

(4)  Include partnerships with other organizations, including those to whom families or school districts are referred; and

(5)  Provide resource hubs that ensure that families and children entering through any “door” have prompt access to services.

Rhode Island School for the Deaf

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