Educational Support Service

Audiology Services

The School has a modern Audiology Center. This on-site facility employs two full- time licensed audiologists. These professionals are available to serve our students’ needs throughout the school day. FM technology is checked daily, and hearing aid batteries are available. Students who use cochlear implants receive assistance with trouble-shooting equipment and checking settings as needed. Our Audiology Test Technicians visit all schools throughout Rhode Island to provide hearing screenings to approximately 50,000 young children (grades K-3) annually.

Comprehensive School Counseling Team

The Counseling/Guidance Team is concerned with the academic, emotional, social, personal, and career development of all students. The department guides each student to explore and to fulfill his or her potential for being a responsible and productive member of the school, community, and society. The Comprehensive School Counseling department works closely with students, staff and families/guardians on an as needed basis.

This department is comprised of the school counselor, educational psychologist, guidance counselor, social worker, and the school’s transition coordinator.

Communication: Speech & Language Services

RISD employs licensed and certified Speech & Language Pathologists on its Communications Team. Members of our Communication Team provide individual and group speech & language therapy. These professionals support classroom carryover and program planning to ensure healthy language development, spoken English development, and training in communication pragmatic skills. These services are provided as detailed in individual student IEPs. Those students who utilize cochlear implant technology also receive additional services that focus on auditory training (learning to listen) and auditory rehabilitation.

Occupational And Physical Therapy Services

RI School for the Deaf employs licensed occupational and physical therapists to provide individual and classroom support in the areas of motor skills, sensory issues, strength, balance, coordination and evaluations as they apply to student success in school. Each individual therapy session is typically 30 minutes. Services are provided both as a “pull-out” service in a therapy area or as “push in” model within the classroom setting, itself.