Board Of Trustees

An appointed Board of Trustees governs the Rhode Island School for the Deaf The Board is comprised of both deaf and hearing professionals from the community. The Board is responsible for governing the School. The powers and duties of the Board provide authority to:

  • Identify the educational needs of deaf and hard of hearing children in the State of Rhode Island
  • Develop educational policies to meet the needs of deaf and hard of hearing children who are served by the School and to provide policy guidance.
  • Appoint a Director of the School to serve as its Chief Executive Officer, and to approve any Assistant Directors from nominations made by the Director.
  • Participate in budget development and approve the annual budget as prepared by the Director and transmit it to the Commissioner of Education.
  • Develop staffing policies, which ensure that all students are taught by educators of the highest possible quality.

After reviewing applications and interviewing candidates, the Commissioner of Education recommends future trustees to the 17-member Council on Elementary & Secondary Education for appointment to the School’s Board of Trustees. This Council oversees all public education in Rhode Island.

Please visit the Secretary of State’s office website to view the full listing of our past meeting agendas/minutes and to subscribe to future meeting announcements.