RI School for the Deaf is a Day School (RISD) serving ages 3-21 years.  School hours are 8AM-3 PM daily. There are currently no residential services or dorms.

RISDeaf students come from all areas of the state to attend school in a bilingual environment (ASL/ English). Referrals to the School are received throughout the school year from districts and agencies in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. Most referrals start with a 45-day diagnostic placement to determine if the placement is a good fit and to allow time to assess each new student’s educational needs. At the completion of the diagnostic period, the student’s educational team convenes to write an IEP for educational services.

Why enroll at RI School for the Deaf?

  1. Services specific to deaf and hard of hearing students that may not be readily available in the local school district; fluent instruction through English and American Sign Language all day, every day, provided by experienced and certified professionals in Deaf Education.
  2. More intensive language development within an ASL-English bilingual environment;

3.   Greater array of related and support services provided by professionals with
      expertise in serving deaf and hard of hearing students;

4.  Social skills development, arts, athletics, camps and community opportunities for
      interaction with peers and adult role models;

5.  Transition planning and experiences specifically geared to deaf and hard of hearing
      students that support appropriate post-secondary outcomes, both career and college.

How to Apply

  1. Speak with your child’s principal or special education director or your child’s special education IEP Team to request that a referral be sent.Referral packets must include a letter of referral from your school district, the child’s IEP, any pertinent evaluations, and a current audiogram.
  2. Once a referral packet arrives, members of the School staff will review it to help them understand your child’s needs.   If they have questions, those questions will be directed to your Special Education Director and to you.
  3. A visit will be scheduled to give you and your child a tour and to offer an opportunity for you to ask questions.  (Children who are 6 and over will spend some time that day participating in a classroom to help familiarize them with the school environment.)
  4. An IEP Team meeting will be scheduled to determine an enrollment date and to identify initial services needed.